How to Cook the Perfect Burger

Category: Beef, Foodie | Posted: November 18, 2019

Making a great burger starts with picking the best ingredients. Freshly ground, high-quality beef is the best choice to make a delicious burger. Whether you choose grass-fed or grain-fed beef is up to you. Either way, the key is to choose fresh beef that has enough fat to yield a juicy burger. In general, you should look for ground beef that’s 80 to 85 percent lean and 15 to 20 percent fat. If you use meat that’s any leaner without adding fat, it’s likely you’ll end up with a tough, dry burger on your plate.

Next, you have to decide how you want to season your meat. Although some people may advise you to add garlic powder, chopped onions or something else, it’s often wise to keep things simple and just use salt and black pepper to give your burger some extra oomph.

The bun you choose can make or break your burger, so choose wisely. Be sure the bun is the right size so that your burger will reach its edges. You also need to ensure the bun can stand up to the burger and that it won’t fall apart as you’re eating.

Prepare Your Burger

How you prepare your burger is just as important as how you cook it. To prevent your burger from being too tough, it’s vital for you to avoid overhandling the beef as you’re forming the patty.

Make your patty so that its edges are about 3/4″ thick while its center is only about 1/2″ thick. That dimple will help your burger retain its shape and size while it cooks.

Cook Your Burger

Depending on the equipment you have at your disposal, you may want to grill your burger or cook it in a pan on the stovetop. In either case, you’ll cook your burger over medium-high heat for several minutes on each side. The length of time you’ll cook each side depends on the level of doneness you want to achieve.

If you want to learn how to cook the perfect burger, there are two things you must keep in mind. First, never press down on your patty while it’s cooking. In addition, you should refrain from flipping your burger more than once.

Assemble Your Burger and Enjoy

When your burger is fully cooked, remove it from the heat and set it to the side to rest for at least 10 minutes. As your burger rests, toast your bun and then apply a layer of fat so that it won’t get too soggy when you put your burger on it.

Top your burger with ingredients that have different textures, such as lettuce, sliced tomato, pickles, and maybe a fried egg. The final step in making the perfect burger is to enjoy your assembled masterpiece!

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