Local Wichita Food: Why It Matters

Category: Foodie, Local Area, Restaurants | Posted: August 06, 2019

As the “Heart” of America’s “Heartland,” the Wichita area offers a bounty of delicious and fresh local food. From locally raised cattle to bread baked with local wheat, Wichita has something to offer for every taste. At Chisholm’s American Beef & Ale House, we make it our priority to feature these flavors of Wichita on our rotating seasonal […]

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Best Summer Foods to Buy in Season

Category: Foodie | Posted: June 25, 2019

With warmer days on the horizon, you might find yourself wondering what summer foods are in season. Many fruits and vegetables become ripe in the late spring and summer months — how will you incorporate them into your summertime fare? There are plenty of home-cooking meal options out there, but if the summer heat is […]

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Our Expert Guide to Wine Pairing

Category: Foodie | Posted: December 21, 2018

Are you a wine lover? When you enjoy a delicious glass of well-aged wine with your meals, there’s nothing more satisfying than a dinner that perfectly complements the characteristics of your favorite wine. Whether you’re serving your own meal or figuring out what to order when you go out, there’s always a way to find […]

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Emergence of The Gastropub

Category: Foodie, Restaurants | Posted: September 25, 2018

When it comes to good food and drink, there’s nothing to satisfy your heart and your stomach like a hearty meal at a classic pub. Burgers, beer, and pub food at an affordable price have made traditional pub houses the favorite eating-out choice for years — but there’s a new contender in town. Expanding on […]

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Fall Brunch Ideas

Category: Foodie | Posted: September 24, 2018

The bright colors and crisp chill of fall are back again, and you know what that means — fall flavors are back, too. In Wichita, autumn means the return of all the harvest spices and ingredients we know and love — from classic pumpkin and apple to cranberries, cinnamon, maple, and nutmeg. While the weather […]

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