Fresh Ingredients

Fresh & Local Ingredients

The culinary staff at Chisolm has established relationships with local farmers and producers to ensure that each menu offering meets the highest standards. Our locally-sourced Certified Angus Beef® and dairy products have no added hormones. Our menu changes to reflect what is available seasonally in our local area. Whenever possible, our ingredients are harvested just a short distance away, making us a local farm-to-table restaurant in Wichita.

Sourcing locally means an ever-evolving dining adventure that changes seasonally depending on what’s available. We select ingredients at their peak. Our rotating menu ensures that our sides, specials, and desserts highlight what’s best about each season in the Midwest.

Each dish is carefully prepared and delivered to your table; this attention to detail ensuring eco-friendly practices. The enticing flavors are what makes Heartland cuisine amazing. Don’t miss out on an incredible farm-to-table meal at the newest locally-sourced restaurant in Wichita. Make your reservation at Chisholm’s and experience the difference.

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