Restaurant Events In Wichita

Wine Tastings in Wichita

Are you looking to expand your palate and experience the finer things in life? Come to a wine tasting event at Chisholm’s. We feature select wines from across the globe. Learn how to distinguish a wine’s bouquet or aroma, discover a new vintage you will love, and find out what wines to pair with some of your favorite dishes.

Beer Tastings in Wichita

Craft beer is a phenomenon taking off in cities throughout the United States, and Wichita is no different. At our beer tasting events, you’ll get to experience some of the nation’s finest offerings, including locally-brewed favorites. What better place to enjoy a tall, cold brew than at a beef house that specializes in tantalizing meals featuring your favorite protein.

Trivia Nights

The thrill and excitement of live trivia games are coming to you at Chisholm’s. Work with your friends and family or square off against them in this friendly competition of wits. Topics range from historical to pop trivia and everything in between. Go head to head to see who comes out on top as trivia royalty.

And Much More…

Chisholm’s event schedule is always growing. Make your reservation today for one of these fun-filled restaurant events in Wichita!

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