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Salvatore Marciano, restaurant manager at Chisholm's
Salvatore Marciano, Restaurant Manager
Salvatore has worked in the food and hospitality industry for over 35 years. He started his restaurant career in his native country of Italy. After gaining years of experience working at several well-known restaurants in his home city of Naples, he moved to the United Kingdom to manage restaurants there. After 10 years of working for companies such as Pizza Express, Chibo, Chit Chat and Gee’s, he was offered a position with Starbucks where he managed one of the top 10 busiest stores in the entire company. Salvatore always sets a high service standard wherever he goes and always achieves superior results because of it. In 2006 he won Store Manager of the Year for U.K. and Ireland, which he describes as, “one of the greatest moments in his career.” Salvatore attributes his success to teamwork. Salvatore is a new resident of Wichita, KS, having recently moved from Oxford, UK. He is married and has three children.

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